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Here you will find a variety of Virtual Assistant Admin Services that I currently provide.  More admin services will be added to this list in the future (these are simply the main ones for now), so if a service you’re looking for isn’t currently listed (eg: blog setup and installation – more on this later), please don’t hesitate to contact me to find out how I can assist you. 

Please submit your query using the yellow form here to the right: ===>

I can also be contacted directly on skype (my username is kyliedoak).

No job is too big or too small.

Honestly, whatever I can assist you with, I will – I’m here to help. :)

Please Note: I regularly deal with content of a sensitive nature. 

I GUARANTEE 100% confidentiality with EVERY job I undertake, now and forever! I always have and always will respect the privacy of others and once my client is happy with the end result, all physical and digital copies of documents are destroyed.


I’m a fast, accurate and efficient typist who, quite simply… loves to type!  I provide the following typing services:

Transcription Typing:  audio and video files, handwritten notes, manuscripts;

General Typing:  virtually anything and everything.


Editing and Proofreading are actually two separate tasks, however, they are most commonly undertaken together.

So, what do I proofread and edit?

Some examples are:  sales pages, articles, blog posts, ebooks, assignments, transcripts… basically, you write it or type it and I’ll proofread it (and edit where required).


* Original articles – optimised for the search engines (SEO) with your keyword/keyword phrase.


* Existing articles optimised for the search engines with your keyword/keyword phrase;

* Formatting (and/or “tidying up”) of documents;

* Rewriting of PLR (private label rights) articles for whatever you need them for.


What you get: top quality, grammatically correct spun articles… there aren’t any second rate articles on my watch!

Article Spinning often gets a bad rap due to the extremely poor quality of many spun articles currently being used online.   The main purpose for spun articles is to create backlinks from secondary sites to a primary site to increase that site’s authority, however…

not all links are created equal!

Poor quality backlinks (eg: non-SEO, badly written/spun articles) really aren’t worth the time and effort it takes to create a gazillion accounts on secondary sites to then post those spun articles to.

It’s also worth noting here that REAL people search online to find information.  Speaking from experience, whenever I come across a poor quality article that is obviously there for the sake of a backlink, I completely disregard it and look elsewhere… and when I say poor quality, I mean “so bad that I’m flat out understanding what the article is about”.  Trust me, they’re out there!  Now and then, I’ll actually “Google” the author to see what else I can find from them… the results have, at times, been somewhat surprising! (and disappointing).

Now, I’m NOT saying that every single article has to be Pulitzer Prize-worthy; what I am saying is that regardless of whether the spun articles are being used on 100 sites or 1,000 sites, each article should be grammatically correct and easy to read in its own right, which leads me to the next point with regard to using spun articles for backlinking purposes…

Quality over Quantity.

Very basic explanation:  the better the quality of the “backlink article”, the better it will naturally rank and the more benefit that backlink will be to your primary site.

Where do these spun articles come from?

* An existing article you have that you’d like multiple spun copies of;

* A video or audio file that you would like me to transcribe.  The transcription will then be used as the main article that the spun articles will be created from;

* I write an original article for your primary site and spin other articles from that;

* I write an original article that is not used on your primary site, but it becomes one of the “backlinking articles” along with the spun articles.


* If you’re not comfortable doing your own keyword research, don’t worry… I can help you with that too!

As I mentioned above, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact me, afterall… you won’t know if you don’t ask! :)

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